Aysha Rahman


Hello there! My name is Aysha Rahman, and I am a senior at Agnes Scott College, a women’s college located in Decatur, Georgia. My major is astrophysics, which I fondly like to call “space math.” I love anything in physics, from quantum mechanics to relativity and black holes, but I’m especially interested in relativistic jets that come from active galactic nuclei. I’m also interested in the energy industry and sustainable energy, as well as topics in mathematics and computer science. I love learning science, but I also love teen romcoms and crafting (I’m currently learning how to sew!).

This website is intended to showcase some of my work in a digital portfolio format. “Work” can include essays, reflections, posters, and anything else, really; I just want to highlight some of my best professional and academic experiences and their outcomes. My CV is also available in the navigation bar above.

Find me onĀ LinkedIn.

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